Black On Black….and Stripes into the New Year

As it’s time to say “Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015!”

There is just one more thing we need to do before we bring in the New Year… figure out what to wear to the New Year’s Eve party of course!

It’s automatic to make a mad dash to the mall and spend money you really shouldn’t on a one time disco ball dress or to reach into your closet and grab every glitter-filled, shimmer-dusted, metallic-filtered thing you have to pull together the perfect New Year’s Eve party outfit.

Trust me, I’m a culprit of this behavior as well.

But this year I wanted to do something a little different. I still wanted to give sass-appeal with a splash of celebratory zest all while maintaining my wallet’s weight.  And that’s when I began to think what could I wear that would give me a dressy look and is easy to accesorize. Then it hit me. Black. Black with gold accessories.


And to give it a small touch of razzle-dazzle, I added a black and white striped blazer as a statement piece. And voila! New Year’s Eve fabuliciousness was born.



Although it took some time to get to this outfit of choice, the process to get to the final decision made me reflect. It made me reflect on how sometimes we can get so caught up with trying to stay within the latest trends that we sometimes lose the very essence of what makes us us.

So here’s what I’m taking with me into the New Year: to remember at the end of the day all I can be is me and being me is the best thing for me. I don’t need to keep up with the Jones’ to make a difference and show my beauty. Just by being me, the beauty of me will shine through brighter than anything the Jones’ could provide for me. Most importantly, who said we had to keep up with them anyway??

So here’s my ending note, be you. You’re beautiful. If you’re enough for God, than you should be enough for you.

Remember to always let your razzle-dazzle shine through!

See you next year! =)

Black Peplum Top: Torrid/Black Leggings with Leather Strip: Torrid/ Black & White Striped Blazer: Torrid/ Gold Glitter &Black Lace Shoes: Torrid/ Gold Necklace: Forever 21

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