From Apple to Hour Glass: A Corset Review

Okay, so this one is for all of my apple to square and slender-hipped sisters out there…

As you know, it is not always easy shopping for clothes, especially the fitted, form-fitting kind. I know for me that I would see a really cute dress or outfit and then when I go to try it in on, it NEVER looked the way it looked on the mannequin (or the hanger for that matter).

Then I would get discouraged and then my “hip envy” would begin to flare up. In my mind, I’ve always felt that if I had more hips that I would be able to fill out my clothes better, in particular my bottom pieces. Now don’t get me wrong, growing up a pleasantly plump volumptious woman of size, I have learned to perfect the style that is me and the clothes that accentuate every loveable ounce of me. I just wish I had a little more of an hour glass figure, you know…the kind I see floating around on some of the other plus-size fashion blogs. (No Tea-No Shade)

So one day my lovely mother called me and said “Garryn, let’s do it!” and I’m all like “let’s do what?” and then she said “waist-training”.

And Voila!

Three days later a corset from Orchard Corset arrived at my door – of course we had to order it first, but the shipping was really fast!

So let’s get to it!

I am very new to the world of corseting and waist training and the consultants of Orchard Corsets were nothing but pleasant and answered my every question. Their website was very helpful and provided so many resources, blogs and videos that aided me in making my decision. Plus, just when I thought I could ask no more questions, they even had an instant chat option where you could chat with a consultant then and there!

The corset I ordered was a steel boned underbust black satin corset, CS345. The CS345 is recommended for those who may carry a bulk of their weight in their abdomen and tend to be slender-hipped. I wore this corset from 7:00am until about 9:00pm.

1.29.15 - Corset 1

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable this corset was. I had heard so many horror stories of discomfort to the point I had no idea what to expect when first trying it on and wearing it all day. But I must admit it was not as horrid as I thought it was going to be, actually quite the opposite.

Here is a closer look at the corset. Putting it on for the very time, for me, I would say has been the most difficult part of wearing it. It was a slight struggle maneuvering the clasps in the front, but once you get a better feel for them, it becomes easier. If you are considering waist training, it is recommended to go with a satin corset instead of cotton because it lays better under your clothes and gives a smoother look. However, the preference is yours! =)

1.29.15 - Corset 2

Here is a side view. The whole time I wore the corset, I felt very supported and even more so I felt like my back fat was tamed and under control. This was another surprise to me, I feared the corset was just going to squeeze all my fat together and then push it up and out. As you can see, that’s not what happened; instead the corset harbored the fat and placed in its right proportion. Corset = 1, Fat = 0!

1.29.15 Corset 3

This is the corset from the back. The gap you see between the strings is only because I am I the beginning stages of waist training. I as progress further and adjust my corset tighter the gap will lessen over time.

1.29.15 - Corset 4

But the biggest surprise that I had was when I placed my clothes on over the corset. Talk about “WOW”, I was almost in complete shock of the instant difference that occurred. Aside from having the best posture of my life while wearing the corset, I had a waist line and my clothes laid beautifully as if on a mannequin (but better).

1.29.15 - Corset 5

I loved everything about how the corset made me look, but the best thing I loved most about it was the way it made me feel. It made me feel beautiful. It made me feel sexy. It made me feel confident and not just “Big Girl” confident, but just confident as a woman.

So if you’re ever interested in giving your already beautiful self a little extra oomph, curve, smoothness, sex appeal, or razzle-dazzle –then I definitely recommend trying out a corset. And if you don’t like it, Orchard Corset has a 30-Day No-Hassle Return Policy, so you have nothing to lose!

I will be waist training for the next couple of months so I will do my best to keep you updated with latest news. So stay tuned!



  1. You look great. Loose the drug because you don’t need it. It adds unnecessary visual static. The scarf and beautiful top you have on looks very sleek. You don’t need all the extra.


    • Oh yeah it would. Your personality explodes through in your still shots. Your face, style, mannerisms…that’s all you need. You don’t want ANYTHING to over shadow you. Shrug for something’s but with this outfit we just need you and your sleekness. You’re fab baby. I’ll be waiting for the corset update….😚


    • Hi! I do have update pictures, just need to take a moment to gather them lol. But in regards to exercising, that’s fine and dandy, but that’s not why I wore the corset. For me, I am a slender hipped woman who is top heavy. No matter what size I am (and I have been bigger and smaller), an hour glass is not a shape I naturally posses. So a corset allows me to play from time to time. =)


      • I would love to see your progress! I am built just like this with no hips and apple middle, and just ordered this same corset!


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