One Shoulder and Fishnets

Last night I attended my Alma Mater’s President’s Gala.

Just to give a little background, this is a black tie affair where they discuss the happenings of the university, current and future, give honor and recognition to those making a difference, and ask for donations via pledge card.

For the past four years I have attended this gala as an alumni and for the past four years I have struggled with answering the exact same question I get hit with only a matter of days before the event:

“What am I going to wear?”

Now some may be wondering why this is such a troublesome question, but is. When you walk into a room filled with ballroom gowns, sequence, cummerbunds, and bow ties– you pretty much have to make sure you’re on top of your game.

This year my date (and my date for the past fours years) decided to wear all white.  So I thought it would be pretty  snazzy if I wore all black. That way when we walked in to the event people would see that they were the ying to my yang, and I the yang to their ying. So here’s the question you’re probably thinking:

“What did you wear?”

Well if you’re guessing from the title then you are absolutely right! A one shoulder black dress and fishnets. At first I was a little iffy about this selection but once I put everything thing together, I was more than well pleased. When in doubt, a little black dress will work it out! I got this dress from deb clothing, which is an awesome place to go when looking for trendy formal wear.

imageThe thing I like most about deb is that they are stylish and affordable. There’s no need to worry about if you’re going to break the bank when looking for a dress that you’re only going to wear one night (but if you got it from deb, than most likely you’ll wear it more than once).


And and because I give a little extra razzle-dazzle to everything I wear, to jazz up this little black dress I went with a pair of patterned fishnet stockings. Who says you can’t be fun and sexy? Well not me! Sometimes a good pair of fishnets is all you need to bring the “WOW” factor to your look…that a great pair of shoes ;-).

Here are some more pictures from the evening. And if you’re wondering, my date is the lovely woman in white who I call mom. ❤ image image

Black One Shoulder Dress: deb/Patterned Fishnets: Torrid/ Black and Clear Heel Shoes: Shoe Boutique

To see more razzle-dazzle, follow my Instagram page: @gplus_dazzle.

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