From Geek to Chic

Are you ready to geek out?

Today at my church was the debut of our young adult choir, Psalms of Victory. Now this choir that I am a part of is made up of young adults between the ages of 21-33. In some churches, it’s hard for this age group to express themselves freely, but we have figured out a way to do so. Through song! Hence the creation Psalms of Victory choir.

What I love most about this choir is that we’re not like your average choir, we do more than sway side to side. We move. A lot…and if you don’t believe me, after the performance we had today, the soreness in my body will not beg to differ! And truth be told I loved every minute of it =)

To give ourselves a further edge to express our personality and to show just how much of the non-typical choir we are, we decided for our debut outfit theme to be a cross between preppy and geek chic. The basic elements required in our outfits had to consist of a white collared buttoned shirt, bow tie and dark blue denim jeans. As long as we met those requirements, the world was our oyster to making the look our own.

And oh did we. Yes, we did.

As most of my readers know by now, I’m all about giving razzle-dazzle to a look and this was one I was definitely going to have fun with!


Who knew a pair of red glasses, a red bow tie and big red flower could add so much razzle-dazzle? I definitely wanted to channel my inner geek-but-I’m-still-cute with this look. And I think I did quite well. Don’t you think?



What I like most about this look is the versatility. Just by removing one element, it can change the concept of a look.

Okay, prime example…by removing my glasses, this look went from geek…


To chic


All in a matter of seconds. BOOM!

Just like I mentioned in a previous blog, sometimes it’s the little things that puts the razzle to your dazzle. But most of the time (a lot of the time), remember that YOU are all the razzle-dazzle you need to make your outfit complete and your confidence shine bright!

Until next time….

Black & White Striped Blazer: Torrid/ Bow Tie: Macy’s/ Red Glasses: Beauty Boutique/ White Shirt: The Scholar Shop/ Blue Jeans: Forever21/ Shoes: Torrid

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