Red, Gold and Snake Skin

(To the tune of Tony Toni Tone’s Anniversary)

“Do you know what today is? It’s my Deltaversary (yeah, yeah) Deltaversary…”

That’s right, April 29th marks the ninth year that I crossed over the burning sands of the most dynamic, devastating, divalicious sorority of all time Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Innnnnnnncorporated! So it’s only right that I represent this proud day in the only way I know how to, as a Diva of course!

Generally I would have been covered from head to toe in nothing but red and white DST paraphernalia , but this time I wanted to do something a little different — it doesn’t hurt the fact that I had to do laundry and my options were a little limited, just saying …I’m human =) — so while searching the mental closet in my mind, I came across one of my favorite red shirts. As I was excited that I mentally found it, I quickly became sadden because I remembered how good it looked with this skirt and the last time I wore it, it was too big.

But before I got too discouraged, a crazy thought popped into my head. Now for all my voplumptious ladies out there who may be carrying a little extra love below around the tum tum with slendor hips to match like myself, this thought is definitely one that is not often tried. In fact, I think it may be listed somewhere in the big girl handbook where there’s a clause stating the do’s and don’t’s of when this thought should be applicable.

But I did it. I journeyed into the world of Tucked Shirtdom. For those who know me, this is definitely unchartered territory for me. I’m more like a peplum-free-flowy-untucked kind of girl. I tend to stay away from form-fitting things that give me a pizza slice shape. However today, I was feeling adventurous. So I went for the gusto!

And I must say, it turned out better than  I thought.


Since I was on my way to work, I still wanted to make sure it had a professional feel. And what’s more professional than a blazer?….my thoughts exactly!

To bring this look together and have some stand out razzle-dazzle to it, I added a red belt and gold necklace statement piece.


Even though these accessories sound simple, they can make such big difference for an outfit.

Although I was nervous and scared about wearing a shirt not only tucked in a skirt, but a pencil skirt at that, I remembered that I can’t consume my mind with what and how other people think of or conceive me. I believe one of my fav plus-size bloggers said it best

Eff Your Beauty Standards!

And I couldn’t agree with her more (well said Tess Holiday). The only beauty standards that matter are yours. Not the magazines, TV, media, social media, or your skinny friends that swear they know how to dress you better than you do.

So buckle up, let the top back, throw on some shades and let the fat blow in the wind!




Until next time…..

Black Blazer: Torrid/ Red Shirt: Avenue/ Red Belt: Torrid/ Snake Skin Pencil Skirt: Torrid/ Sandals: deb/ Gold Necklace: Jewelry Swap


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