Let Your Chain Hang Low

While in Wichita, KS for a family member’s graduation, during our stay we stopped in the mall (did you expect me to do anything less??). And of course we stopped inside one of my favorite places to shop, Torrid. As we were browsing, I noticed a rack of long necklaces, or so I thought they were,  until I looked over to my right and saw a display with a mannequin wearing the chain draped over its bodice. That only excited me more because all I wanted to do was try one on.

I have to admit that at first I was nervous, nervous for two reasons 1) scared that it wasn’t going to fit around my neck and broad shoulders. Being part of the Amazonian club, our assets tend to be a bit bigger than most and 2) I thought I would be too chesty and that the chains wouldn’t look right on me. But despite all my nervousness, I still had to get my hands on it. And to my surprise, it fit wonderfully (with a little room to spare I might add).


After receiving success with this chain, it only sparked my curiously more for the others I saw. And did I try them on, you know it!



The whole time I was in awe of 1) how well they all fit and 2) how fantab they all looked on me! And my thoughts were confirmed by the ladies in the store who walked by me and said how cute they were on me.

Also I thought it was interesting that it’s generally not something you would see on a larger woman. Every time I’ve seen them worn, it’s been on smaller women or “play-plus” women (play-plus = what society calls plus size, size 12-18, is what I call the average real woman).

So I commend Torrid for yet again pushing the plus size beauty standard on what society deems acceptable for plus size women to wear.

Kudos Torrid, kudos.



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