When in Doubt, Black it Out!

“Chocolate is better in color.” – M&Ms

And being apart of the milk-chocolate-hot-cocoa-mocha-latte complected family, this is a statement that I agree with. I usually tend to drape my chocolate in bold colors and prints. However, the attired theme of this week’s performance with my church choir I sing with, Psalms of Victory, requested we wear all black with an urban chic Christian spin.

Initially, I thought determining an outfit was going to be a breeze. “Urban chic”, I’ve got this. Until reality hit me. They requested all black urban chic.

Now this may not sound like a big problem to the average person, but when the razzle-dazzle in your closet consists of primarily colorful pieces, it’s an issue.

So that only left me with one thing to do. You guessed it, shopping.

Generally shopping is my go-to happy place, but this time it was a place of frustration. My sole purpose for shopping was to find black pieces I could work with to make up an outfit and add the according razzle-dazzle to bring it all together. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Wrong! This is very hard to do when your eye has been trained only to see bold, bright colors and fun, funky prints. Long story short, my eye’s color attention span is very short and what was only supposed to take minutes turned into hours.

As I forced myself to focus in and channel my inner urban chic, that’s when I realized what my dilemma was, I was trying too hard to find black pieces that matched exactly together. So I did what I do best, found pieces that don’t go together and use razzle-dazzle to help them fuse. And voila! It worked.


The thing I had to remember is that urban chic isn’t about being perfectly matched to a tee and structered to a mold. It’s the complete opposite.


It’s about going against the grain.


Being bold and different.


And that alone encaptures the beauty that’s within. It’s not about conforming to what’s in the box, it’s about spreading your wings and busting out of the box. Free your individual expression of self, if you don’t do it… Who will?

Until next time…

Black Hi-Low Top: Simply Fashions/ Black Printed Pencil Skirt: Simply Fashions/ Gold Accesories & Belt: Simply Fashions/ Black & Gold Shoes: Simply Fashions

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