Sunday Funday & Crop Tops

“Now usually  I don’t do this…” – R. Kelly, Ignition (remix)

And R. Kelly was right on the money when he said that because ladies and gents I generally do not wear crop tops. In fact, secret time, I have NEVER worn a crop top. But something about this season has just inspired me to do so. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it is officially summer and the heat wants to come out and play.  But what better day to play than on a Sunday? Hence forth, Sunday Funday!

And how I spent my Sunday Funday was by going to a day party with a group of friends. Now with a day party, the dress code is a little slightly different than what it would be for an evening party. Instead of going with my sophisti-sexy-sassy look, I decided to go with a fun-flirty and flashy look. I did this by combining two bold patterns.


Usually this move can be a little risky, but the thing to keep in mind when combining such different patterns is to find a commonality between the two. Like in my case, it was the use of straight black lines.


Please excuse use the creeper standing behind me,  I did fore warn that I was at a party with friends and that could only mean that the inevitable was to happen. You guessed it… Photo-bombing! 😉

As I continue with our regularly scheduled program, please know there are other factors aside from line structure that can determine your common bond with matching bold patterns, such as color and material.

And of course you know I had to add my own flare of razzle-dazzle to this look. I went with a solid color chunky necklace, funky frames and a conveniently placed fedora.


The fedora served two purposes. Low and maintenance. All my naturalistas out there can agree, there is nothing worse than fighting with your hair in humidity and having to deal with shrinkage – but that’s another blog and different bottle of wine!

But like I mentioned before, this look is something that I generally don’t do and it pushed me out of my comfort zone. And that’s okay. Sometimes it was those most uncomfortable situations that pushed you and led you to something awesome. So go ahead. Try it. Do something you’ve never done before. Reach outside of your comfort zone. Who knows, you just might like it. 😉

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Until next time…

Tribal Print Crop Top: Simply Fashion/ Striped Pencil Skirt: Simply Fashion/ Fedora: Torrid/ Necklace: Moms Jewelry Box

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