His Favorite Daughter, His Only Daughter

I know that it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted, life has been a little cray lately. So to all my lovely followers, please charge it to my head (and busy schedule) and not my heart.

And even with living in the crazy world of me, I still wanted to take a moment to highlight a special man in my world, my dad. As most celebrate this holiday of Father’s Day sharing stories and reminiscing about yesterdays and being “daddy’s little girl”, my story is tad bit different.

In fact I don’t have many stories or memories of being “daddy’s little girl” because growing up me and father had a distant relationship that only time could heal. I’m not going to bash or harp on the disappointments of yesterday, but more so celebrate the opportunity of growth and love for today and all of the tomorrows.

One thing I can say is that my dad is a very complex man. From his own actions he has taught me many things.

He has taught me to soar to my dreams,

and not to stop until I reach them.


No matter how tiring and exhausting it may be,

you have to push through it and never give up.


Aside from some of the things he’s taught me, there are many things that I recognize in myself that I know I inherited from him.

Like how to think BIG and outside of the box.


Because it is that type of thinking that makes you uniquely you. It allows you to not only go outside of the box but break out of the box altogether. So to the man that gave me my sense of humor, my risk-taker personality, my bigger-than-life frame of thought and my mochalatte complexion… I say to you I love you always and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow in our relationship and building our bond day by day.


Happy Father’s Day Dad from your favorite daughter

……and your only one 😉

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